In the year of 1826 Lule parish was split into Lower Lule and Upper Lule parish. That same year it was decided that a church was to be built in Boden, the Upper Lule parish. The church stood ready 1831 and proved to be vital for the area activity. Around the church a town consisting of cottages started to grow. Initially 400 cottages were to be constructed, but that many were never built. The greatest amount ever was 324. When Boden in the year of 1919 became a city the village consisted of 128 cottages. Today 32 of these are left. The cottages served as over night accommodation for far away church visitors and at the times of markets and courts. During the years the village suffered from vandalization and efforts were made to renovate the cottages. In 1969 a proud foundation could present a restored church town.

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